Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Enhance the Reading Experience

Frankly, students in this day and age can be more engaged with what they are learning if technology is incorporated into the lesson. There are strategies that should be implemented to orient students to the various literature they are actively reading. Using technology as a means for creating activities for students will allow them to be more actively involved with the text.


Amy said...

Students today are definitely more exposed to a technology now, than ever before. So, it is really important for them to learn early on how to use the internet and various programs, in order to be more successful. Actively involving students with text will make them more knowledgeable technologically, as well as more familiar with the actual text.

flyers said...

I really like this idea. As a child that had learning disabilities growing up it would have been very benifical for me to have a computer project that would keep me interested and actively reading the book. As well as teaching me the material and computer skills I would use in my future.